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Art Unites Studio - Delhi
  • Art Unites have their own streaming studio space with 18X20 ft clear area

  • Full HD professional quality 3 Camera  video shoot, multiple angles with a DOP

  • 0ver 300 sq. ft. of 2.5 mm led curved wall with assignable GFX and visuals

  • Concert quality programmable lights for best quality visuals

  • Complete hardware solution for stream uplink to various servers

  • In-house lighting engineer, sound engineer and and VJ.

  • Varied range of Audio & Video Equipment available on request. (Click for Details)

  • Different backdrop options for various styles of shoots & live events.

Outdoor Locations - NCR

Akshara Theatre is an exquisite arts complex set in just under one acre of land in the heart of New Delhi. It has four performance spaces for live performance equipped with the best lighting and sound equipment.

AQube studio is a concept and photography space with a massive column less area of 2500 sq. ft. It has a well illuminated green room, and a green outdoor location which makes it a perfect location for big production shoots and streaming concepts needing a big spaces.

The Hole In The Wall came about as an  idea of breaking the wall in between the two rooms and turning it into a rehearsal room plus a weekend jam space. It now is empowering artists from the North East from rehearsals to recording and producing full length albums and stream live gigs to various platforms.

*We also provide streaming, and audio video solutions at the required spaces.