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We have partnered with professionals to be able to give professional services to our clients in various part of the country.

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Curaborate is team of young individuals, bringing together their unique skill sets nurtured over years of working with some of the leading names in the Event & Lifestyle Industry. 
Being out-of-the-box is their forte. They craft Awe-inspiring Designs & concepts, have an edge in storytelling & communication, bringing alive unique experiences, online to offline. They believe in creating magic through exclusive collaborations between varied avenues.

Brand & Design Consultancy
New Delhi

Pinwheelers design spaces, make films and curate things we all love – music, food and experiences. We constantly channelize and challenge our inner potential to come up with ongoing new ideas and dreams to create new experiences for people.

Experience Design Consultancy
Experience Curators

An extension of Springboard Surprises, The Springboard Recording Studio first started in 2001. The studio had played host to many musicians and artistes from Shillong and other states in the North East. After Soulmate started touring a lot from 2008 onwards,The studio then became the rehearsal space for Soulmate and after a couple of years, the idea of breaking the wall in between the two rooms and turning it into a rehearsal room plus a weekend jam space where we would invite musicians and friends over for a jam session. That's how 'The Hole In The Wall' came about and now is empowering bands from the North East from rehearsals to recording and producing full length albums.